St. Patrick’s Holiday Postcards

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Recently, I took one of those DNA tests to determine my heritage background. To my surprise, I learned that I have 26% of Irish background which they detail as being primarily located from Ireland, Wales, Scotland but is also found in France and England. In the future, as I continue my genealogical research, the hope would be to narrow the location of this descent.

In the meantime, I am posting a few St. Patrick’s Day postcards. Enjoy!


The postcard shown above, which is also my featured card, was from the early 1900’s. I am not sure of the publisher, it just states “St. Patrick Series No. 3” on the back. This card has no writing, no postmark.

Below is shown a postcard that has a verse on the front: “The pride of Erin’s Isle is she, Dear Irish Molly O”. This card was postmarked in 1910 and was addressed to my great-grandfather, George L. P. James, in Riverpoint (West Warwick), RI. The publisher of this card was Raphael Tuck & Sons, part of their “Shamrock Series” No. 172.

The next postcard, shown below was postmarked in 1909. On the front is printed, “Come Back to Erin” and “St. Patrick’s Day Greetings” and was published by Taggart.

Below are three more postcards. The first one is very unique and was sent to Aunt Etta, in Foxboro, Mass. This card is wooden and has a space where a photo could be inserted. On the front is printed: “With Love and Kindest Regards”.

This is followed by two additional postcards, one that combines the US flag and one of the Blarney Castle.

Wishing all a Happy and Safe St. Patrick’s Day!

Stay tuned, as I am working on a more extensive blog posting that should be of interest.

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Happy Halloween!

On this Halloween day, here is another postcard, from the past, that celebrated the holiday–this time from 1909. This postcard was postmarked from Newark, New Jersey and was sent to my grandmother, Bertha James, in Riverpoint (West Warwick), Rhode Island. To learn more about Gra Gra see my previous blog, Intro to Gra Gra & Volunteering at Kent Hospital.

The sender of this postcard was Aunt Theresa, who was sister to Frances (Schlosstein) Henrich, mother of Susan M. (Henrich) James. Susan was step-mother to my grandmother. In the near future, I will continue with more on the Henrich family. In the meantime, if you missed my recent posting based on the Henrich side, you can check it out at What’s in a Name, Lena Henrich?

My featured postcard was published by Raphael Tuck & Sons. This card is from their Hallowe’en post cards Series No. 150 and was printed in Saxony.

There is a great website where you can learn more about the history of this company and it is the source for my information below, the site is:

Raphael Tuck was born on August 7, 1821. He married Ernestine Lissner in March of 1848. In 1866, they started a business together, in London. They had seven children, four boys and three girls; of their sons, three would go on to participate in the business.

In 1883, Queen Victoria granted the company the Royal Warrant of Appointment. After this time, a message was printed on the cards. In the case of my featured card, the message follows:

Art Publishers to Their Majesties the King & Queen.

The Raphael Tuck & Sons business would go on to open offices in several places, including New York in 1885.

Ernestine died in 1895 and Raphael in 1900.

This is the final post for Halloween cards, for this year anyway. In the month of November, I plan to post some interesting Thanksgiving postcards along with continuing family history stories.

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