Darpity Jean's Blog

Exploring Old Postcards Alongside Genealogy


My blog features postal history exploration using some awesome postcards inherited from three female ancestors. The postcards reveal clues about the lives of family members and friends which I try to piece together and learn more details about their genealogical connections.

Most of my regular blog postings have the additional feature of old photographs and other vintage memorabilia. To learn a little more background, please read my Intro posting, Intro to my blog.

Additionally, I feature a series called “One Postcard Saturdays” where I share a postcard on select Saturdays. These brief postings focus on the subject displayed on the card and may include some historical background along with any known information regarding the message of the card, the sender or recipient.

Certainly, I wish there was more time available to conduct all the research that goes into writing the more in-depth, family history based, blog postings. The sad result has been a lack of timely writings and there tends to be much longer gaps than I intend. The separate series, “One Postcard Saturdays” (as described above), has provided a nice way for me to fill in those gaps.

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