My featured postcard Hallowe’en Greeting was published by The Fairman Co. of Cincinnati and New York, Series No. 6908. This company was known by the trademark The Pink of Perfection.

Here is the verse that appears on the front of the card:

Better be careful what you’re about

The goblins are here without a doubt.



This postcard was sent to Aunt Etta (Henrietta James Hooper) in Plainville, Mass. by her friend Olive. There is further research that I need to do on Olive, but for today I will leave it at that. The postmark on the card is from Providence and it looks to be 1919 (?), it is hard to read the year for sure. If you would like to learn more about Aunt Etta, please see my previous blog posting Intro to Aunt Etta And Her Great Adventures.


The message written on the postcard by Olive reads as follows:

Just a line to let you know I am thinking of you. I expect to come and see you before the very cold weather.

Hoping to find you in the best of health. I still send my love.


Today, I am keeping to this short and simple posting. During the week, if time allows, I do have some other Halloween postcards that I may share between now and next Monday.

Until next time…