You might say that it is too late to post a New Year greeting. However, I say that it is better late than never! It was certainly my preference to post this blog about two weeks ago, but other matters took priority–sorry for the delay. At least, we are still in the month of January.

This blog posting will simply present a few New Year greeting postcards with some basic information. My hope is that I can put together something with more in-depth family exploration, in the near future.

My featured postcard “New Year Greeting” shows a verse on the front: “May the first day of the New Year be a happy one and each day after that as happy as the first day.” Shown below is the reverse side of this postcard which was sent by a Mrs. Arnzen to Aunt Etta and her husband William Hooper, in Franklin, Mass. There is no postmark. To learn more about Aunt Etta, please see my previous blog post: Intro to Aunt Etta And Her Great Adventures.




The postcard shown below “Peace and Happiness in the New Year” was sent by my grandmother’s father and step-mother (George and Susan) to Mrs. F. Henrich (Frances, mother to Susan) in Plainville, Mass. The handwritten message reads: “Happy and prosperous New Year to you from all. Sue, Geo and Tribe. Will write later.” There is no postmark. My plan is to dig deeper into the Henrich family background to share as time goes on. In the meantime, to learn a few basics you may read my previous blog: What’s in a Name, Lena Henrich?




The next postcard, shown below, was published by Raphael Tuck & Sons. The front says: “Wishing you a happy New Year.” This card was postmarked from Plainville, I think it says 1909, sent from Tillie to her sister Sue and husband George (my grandmother’s father and step-mother) in River Point (West Warwick), RI. The handwritten message reads: “I got home safe and sound. I missed my train and had to come Attleboro way. Frank (her brother) didn’t get home until Tuesday night. Best wishes for the New Year to all from all. From your loving sister. Tillie. By this message, it would seem perhaps they had bad winter weather to endure in their travels home after a Christmas visit.




The postcard “A happy New Year” shown below was printed in Germany, by Illustrated Postal Card Co., New York-Germany. This card was postmarked Dec. 31, 1907 from Newark, NJ and was sent from Gramma (Frances Henrich) to my grandmother Miss Bertha James in River Point (West Warwick), RI. This card was postmarked a second time when it was received at River Point, Jan. 1908. It appears that Frances was visiting with her family members in New Jersey during the holidays. The handwritten message reads: “Dear Bertha, Tell momma they are all asking for her, it seems a Dream to me. Lovingly (?), Gramma.” To learn more about my grandmother, Gra Gra, please read my previous blog: Intro to Gra Gra & Volunteering at Kent Hospital.




My final postcard for this blog is shown below, “Happy New Year to You”. It is a Stecher Lithograph. This card was sent to Aunt Etta, in Franklin, Mass., I think the postmark reads 1912. The sender looks to be Eda. To the best I can figure it, the handwritten message reads: “Thank you for your kindly wishes and I sincerely wish you and Mr. Hooper the brightest and happiest of New Year.”





In closing, I would like to send the same good wishes to everyone for Peace and Happiness thruout the New Year.

Until next time…