Today, I am starting a new series called “One Postcard Saturdays!“. My plan is to share with you special weekly postings, on Saturdays, highlighting just one postcard. These Saturday posts will be quite brief in comparison to my usual lengthy ones–which will continue as time allows.

This series of postcards will span multi-generations and may cover any number of subjects, places or holidays–in no particular order. I will try to list any known information such as the postmark (if readable), the publisher, the sender, the receiver, as well as, any message on the card.

I am starting the series with a 1942, World War II era, linen postcard. This card was sent to my dad, an aircraft mechanic during the war. You can learn more about his military service from my blog posting: My Dad: A Soldier of World War II

The sender of this card was Fred Martin AMM 3/c (Aviation Machinist’s Mate, Third Class) Co- 1014 Newport Training St., in Newport, RI and it was postmarked on November 24, 1942, from Newport, RI.

jan 19 back

Fred’s message to my dad reads: Hi Earl, This is really the first time I have had to write. It’s a great life in the Navy, last night I went swimming in a pool and roller skating and tonight I’m going to a movie. Write you later, Fred

The card had first been addressed to Pvt. Earl Lindall, in Atlantic City but the address was crossed out and changed to Airplane Mechanic School, Goldsboro, N.C. My dad had been in Atlantic City prior to being transferred. There is a purple stamp on the back from the Army Directory Service, who perhaps had made the address correction update.

The front side of this linen postcard shows “Bag Inspection” at the U.S. Naval Training Station, Newport, RI.

jan 19

The postcard was published by the U.S. Naval Training Station, Ship’s Service Dept., Newport, RI

Until next time…