In the year 1846, on the date of November 9th, my paternal great great grandparents were married. In 1896, Hiram and Hannah (Jordan) Lindall celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with their children and grandchildren. The event was notated in more than one newspaper article, including the one shown below.



Hiram, pictured below left, was a farmer and house carpenter and was still quite active into his elderly years. He was a hard worker and known to take the early morning train from Coventry to Providence and return at night. Hannah, pictured below right, was admired for her beauty and it was said that her daughters inherited that same quality.

Hannah Jordan Lindall
Hiram Lindall












There was a poem printed in one of the newspaper articles in tribute to them:


“Now here’s a health to the jolly pair,
I avow, we all admire ’em;
We wish that all the boys had fare,
Of sand like uncle Hiram.

He says with 50 years gone by,
His wife should have the banner;
In love and toil and constancy,
There’s nothing the matter with Hannah.”

Over the years, I have spent a lot of research time on my paternal Lindall family branch but am really just starting to dig deeper into the Jordan connection. Below is a reunion photo of the Jordan Homestead in 1900.


About a week ago, I revisited the Hopkins Hollow Cemetery (CY012) which I had first visited several years ago. This historical cemetery is located in the Greene section of Coventry, RI, and it is where some my Jordan ancestors are buried.

Hopkins hollow cemetery

Hannah’s father was John Jordan (1800c-1883) and her mother was Mercy (Weaver) Jordan (1800c-1893). According to John’s gravestone he died at Aged 83 years 8 months & 8 days and words carved say “Shall we meet beyond the river, I am safe within the harbor.” John was the son of Edmund Jordan.

Stone John Jordan

The gravestone of Mercy (Weaver) Jordan, states she died Aged 93 years, 1 month, & 22 days with words carved that say “There is rest for the weary.” Mercy was the daughter of John Weaver (1769-1853) and Ruth (Wilbur) Weaver.

Stone Mercy Jordan

During my recent cemetery visit, I noticed gravestones next to John and Mercy for several daughters, as follows, with age at death:

Caroline, Aged 1 year
Sally, Aged 11 years
Sarah Jane, Aged 16 years
Mary, Aged 1 month
Ruth, Aged 3 years

Hiram Lindall and Hannah Jordan were married by Elder Thomas Tillinghast, at Maple Root Church, in Coventry, on a dark and rainy day.

Home located at 2 Wood St., in Washington Village, Coventry, RI. It is thought to be the home of Hiram and Hannah. She is the lady in the center.

Hannah was born on April 23, 1827 and was 8 months younger than Hiram.

Hiram Lindall

Born on August 4, 1826, Hiram was the son of Abel Lindall (1784-1828) and Mary (Potter) Lindall (1797-1875) of Coventry, RI.

Abel’s ancestors were among some of the earliest settlers of Salem, Mass., and I may focus on that line in future postings. Mary was the daughter of George Potter (1761-1837) and Phebe (Pitcher) Potter (1764-1834).

Phebe was the daughter of John Pitcher (1728-1822) and Mary (Carr) Pitcher (1736-1832).

Abel died when Hiram was 15 months old. Hiram had lived in Coventry most of his life and also in Warwick, moving to the Washington Village area of Coventry in 1875 to settle in a permanent home. Hiram died in 1918 and had out-lived his wife Hannah who died on January 11, 1904. They are buried in Knotty Oak Cemetery.

Stone Hiram and Hannah

My great grandfather, William O. Lindall (1854-1939), was the fourth of nine children from the marriage of Hiram and Hannah. William was married to Elnora (Bennett) Lindall (1866-1916). She was the daughter of Jeremiah Bennett and Emily (Waterman) Bennett. In future blog writings, I plan to explore Jeremiah and Emily Bennett in further details.

Below is a tin photo of William, (under the arrow) and the other photo is of Elnora.

The children of William and Elnora Lindall are as follows:

* Claudia Lindall (1896-1995) married Gustaf Frederick Irons (1896-1958)

* James Burton Lindall (1898-1972) married Alice Holden (1901-1985)

*Jessie May Lindall died in infancy

* Hazel Lindall (1905-1990) married Vernon Magnuson (1900-1971)

Baby Gramp and Claudia
My grandfather James and his sister Claudia
Hazel 1923
My grandfather’s sister Hazel in 1923












Galilee siblings
My grandfather with his sisters during the 1960s, in Galilee, Narragansett, RI. Looking at the photo, Aunt Hazel is on the left and Aunt Claude is on the right.
Aunt Claude (Lindall) Irons, with my grandfather James and great grandfather William Lindall

My grandparents were James and Alice (Holden) Lindall. She was the daughter of John Holden (1866-1942) and Elizabeth (Wilde) Holden (1865-before 1942). They had two sons, Earl (my father) and Richard. See my blog about my dad’s WWII service, My Dad: A Soldier of World War II.

Gram and gramp 29
My grandparents, James and Alice (Holden) Lindall in 1929.
Dad on bike May 29
My dad, Earl F. Lindall, at age 8, in May 1929.

Below you will find a list, in birth order, of the children born to Hiram and Hannah Lindall and their spouses. Some of this information was taken from a genealogy of the Hiram Lindall family that was compiled by Ethel Lindell Band, in 1940. Ethel was a daughter of John Alonzo Lindell. You might notice that some family members use an “e” to spell it as Lindell rather than using an “a”; however, all members are related just the same.

  1. George Abel Lindall (1847-1932)
    married Louise Webster (1847-1932)
  2. Mary C. Lindall (1849-1932)
    married James B. Mathewson
    married Samuel Butler
  3. John Alonzo Lindell (1851-1937)
    married Julia E. Thompson (1855-1922)
  4. William Olney Lindall (1854-1939)
    married Elnora Maria Bennett (1866-1916)
  5. Phoebe Jane Lindall (1856-1932)
    married William B. Nichols (died 1933)
  6. Ellen Francis Lindall (1859-1911)
    married Bradford F. Harrington (1860-1935)
  7. Sarah Elizabeth Lindall (1861-1936)
    married Walter Thurston (1867-1921)
  8. Annie Margie Lindall (1863-1890)
    married Orville Harrington (1863-1890)
  9. Henry Irving Lindall (1867-1940)
    married Lina Marlow (died 1940)
Geo Lindall
This photo was taken between 1920-1932. My great grandfather William on the left in the derby hat, his brother George on the right and George’s wife Louise (or Louisa).

I have a huge photo from the Hiram Lindall Family Reunion that took place on August 7, 1937, as shown below. The photo is so long that I had to scan it in two pieces and then try to reconnect it into one. The two older gentlemen in the center wearing vests over white shirts, (sitting on each side of my splice line) are brothers William (my great grandfather) and Henry. My grandparents are in the photo, as well. On the back of the picture I do have many names listed but I am not going to list them all at this time, perhaps in a future posting.

Reunion Pano
Hiram Lindall Family Reunion, Aug. 7, 1937

My featured image is a postcard with a copyright of 1905 by J. Murray Jordan (1861-1909). He was a Philadelphia photographer who went on to publish and print postcards and he founded the World Post Card Co., in 1903.


In my search for an appropriate postcard to feature along with this story of Hiram and Hannah (Jordan) Lindall, I found it pretty ironic that I came across one published by a Mr. Jordan. I have no idea if there was any actual relation there, it would require further research to make that actual determination.

However, I did learn a few quick points of interest about J. Murray Jordan. He was born in 1861 in Sacramento, Calf., to John M. Jordan who had left rural Penn., years earlier. John had headed out to California in search of gold, he had died by the time J. Murray Jordan was 8 years old. After his father’s death, J. Murray was raised by a maternal Uncle John Duffield, in Princeton, NJ.

Until next time…